eKel Foam Cleansers (4 Types Available) 180ml

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Ekel Foam Cleansers removes makeup residues and skin impurities with excellent cleansing power.

HOW TO USE: Take adequate amount of product, lather in hands and then softly massage into face. Wash thoroughly with warm water.

Collagen - This makes dull skin clear as crystal from several plants and Collagen powder which is outstanding for adsorbing sebum and this removes face wastes and dead skin cell.

Aloe - Purify and protect your complexion with the soothing yet potent properties of aloe vera. This gentle, foaming cleanser lifts and absorbs impurities leaving your skin feeling silky and refreshed.

Cucumber - Extract of cucumber intensively moisturises, cools and refreshes the skin, has a positive effect on the cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation, so that puffiness disappears.

Green Tea - Green tea foam cleanses and tightens pores, relieves swelling of tissues, improves oxygen supply to cells, moisturizes the skin, and softens the aggressive effects of UV radiation.

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