eKel Ultra Hydrating Essence Masks (8 Types Available)


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Aqua: NEW

Rice Bran: NEW

Green Tea: Green tea is Polyphenol, catechin content given by the oxygen remains of the skin, which contains ingredients. Under the convergence and real effect of the skin clean and comfortable state keeps the skin. Also, balance and for longer periods of time to the skin tone, looking clean and transparent. Contains green tea leaves in a lot of vitamin c and helps the skin, removing waste. SOLD OUT

Pearl: Bright skin supple and moist, looking to contain a pearl extract.
Pearl is made up of amino acids and minerals, and bright bright and makes the skin.
Pearl is to replace lost fluids into the skin too.
Always moist helps keep your skin. SOLD OUT

Aloe: Aloe has a strong moisturising effect on dry skin and shrinks the skin surface to make skin texture resilient and smooth. Aloe helps to moisturise and moisturise rough skin. SOLD OUT

Cucumber: The extract of the cucumber contains a large amount of potassium,
which when absorbed removes harmful substances and soothes the skin,
as well as vitamin C, which helps to synthesize collagen. SOLD OUT

Collagen:  Collagen with excellent skin-friendly properties gives a tired,
rough skin with a good cosmetic effect, which helps to create a firm and bright skin.
It also strengthens the skin and maintains the moisture of the skin. SOLD OUT


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