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It'S Skin Have A Cleansing Foams (4 Types) 150ml


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Have A Egg Cleansing Foam relies on shell and yolk extracts to rejuvenate, refresh and clear blemishes as well as daily impurities/makeup. In fact, it suits oil and acne-prone skin.

Banana - A face cleansing foam for everyday use. Foam removes all dirt and makeup from face and contains banana extract that is rich with C, B, E vitamins, Fe, K, Mg, I, Zn minerals.

Have A Orange Cleansing Foam strengthens dull and tired skin while also removing dirt, oil, or makeup, preventing acne. In fact, this favors natural collagen production.

Pomegranate - A foam with pomegranate extract will give vitality to your skin. Plenty of vitamins enable skin is bright and transparent.

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