KOELF Rose Petal Satin Heel Mask 1 Pair


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Rose Petal Satin Heel Mask is a ‘high functional mask’ which provides an effective solution to exfoliate and moisturize your cracked or dry heels. Extremely moisturizing Rose Essence contained in the mask nourishes your skin and improves cracked and rough feet. How to Use 1) Wash your feet and dry them 2) Remove a mask from the package and gently tear them apart along the perforated line 3) Reach your fingers into the corner of the mask and tear 4) Locate the longer side onto the bottom of your feet and secure around your ankle with adhesive strips 5) Massage your heels while wearing the mask 6) Wear the mask for 10 to 20 minutes 7) Remove and dispose the mask 8) Pat or massage your heels gently until the essence is absorbed

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