Laneige Moist Cream Cleanser 150ml


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4-in-1 cleanser for makeup removal+suncream removal+removal of excess sebum+skin cleansing. The fine lather removes makeup residue, leaving skin squeaky clean. Moisturizing botanical cleansing agents for the gentle removal of makeup and papain enzymes extracted from papaya, which are effective in removing dead skin cells, guarantee complete removal of makeup, leaving skin smooth to the touch. Removes sun cream, BB cream, foundation, base makeup, as well as eye and lip makeup.

"Cleanser that keeps the skin moisturized after cleansing to help it absorb skincare products in the following routine"
Recommended for:
  • Extremely dry skin feeling tight and dry inside
  • To reduce skin irritation during cleansing
  • To keep the skin moisturized after cleansing

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