LUKE Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip (10 Strips)

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Luke Nose Cleansing Strips  adhere to  dirt and sebum in pores,  remove pores  and lift away blackheads on  nose.
Mineral ingredients of charcoal work to  clear and freshen your skin  The  ingredient of charcoal remove dirt, oil  and pore clogging debris  from the  nose Natural charcoal is included many  natural mineral and be help good skin    care to keep good face with energy &  animation The extract of  Licorice is good  effect be relax from  skin trouble.

• Remove pores, Blackheads & Whiteheads, and Cleansing Skin
• Charcoal  ingredient gets rid of pores in the nose  and makes clear the skin
• Natural mineral ingredients of charcoal  vitalize your skin
• Mineral ingredients of charcoal work to clear  and freshen your skin
• It contains Hamamelis to tighten pores after  removing pores

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