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MAY ISLAND 7 Days Secret Vita Plus 10 Toner - 155ml

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Vitamin Toner that adds vitality of skin to dry skin.
Contains Vitamin 3 derivative, Ascorbyl Glucoside ingredient,
which make light up on skin,
and it provides nourishment and moisturizing on tired skin.
Also it cares sensitive skin effected by ultra violet(UV) 10 natural oriented extract,
patent ingredient Botaniceutical Plus-10, helps to protect skin barrier.
Vitamin boosting Toner, adjust the PH balance of the skin,
hydrates the skin to the epidermis, and quickly absorb on skin after wash your face.

How to use
Wipe your face according to the skin texture from inside to outside with a cotton pad
soaked in toner after cleansing and then dab lightly and absorb it.

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