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MAY ISLAND Real Essence Mask Pack x 10 Mask Sheets

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Premium Modeling Mask With Memory Effect

1. Thick modeling pack absorbs the dead skin and sebum

which are hidden between the skin texture and gives the skin smoothly.
2. D.I.Y modeling pack that can feel skin active ingredient as it is
3. Unlike conventional wash-off packs and sleeping packs,
they can be removed immediately after application.

Aroma : Elasticity, Hydration, Nutrition
Collagen : Anti-aging, Nutrition
Pearl : Whitening tone up
Seaweed : Antioxidant
Vitamin C : From pigments, Elasticity

How to use

After toning your face.
Mix fast the modeling powder and water well with spatula (the ratio should be 1:1.8),
Apply the mixture in order of cheeks-chin-forehead-nose, making the edges thicker.
Peel it off in 15-20 minutes and tone your face again.
Finish with sponge.

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