MEDIHEAL VTR Stretching Patch - 1pc


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MEDIHEAL VTR Stretching patch

V.T.R Method is specially designed as lifting up system
and easy to use with high adhesion tension at home.

1. After washing your face and tone it up with a toner,
hang it on your ears as shown in the picture,
using the perforated lines up and down.
2. Take a rest for 10~20 minutes and remove the mask.
Let the remaining essence absorb into the skin.

*Pull the sheet enough to cover your face size then hang your ears.
(As the sheet is both side tension, draw enough not to pull your ears.)
* Wearing satisfaction or effects may have individual difference.
* For the best results, it is recommended to use for 1 hour,
2~3 times per week and 4 weeks successively or if you want
to more intensive care, use for 1 hour everyday which helps lift up
your skin and shape V face line.

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