MISSHA Perfect Eyebrow Styler (5 Colours Available)


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1. Twist up to reveal the desired amount of lead. Holding the styler at an angle, use only the tip of the triangle to shape brow and extend and taper brow tail with precision.

2. Holding the styler flat, use the entire width of the triangle to fill in brows using a gradient technique.
3. Use the spoolie brush on the other end to blend and groom brows into place.

Creating a chic "arched-brow" look:
1. Using the bridge of your nose as a reference point, start the beginning of your brow (the head), in line with the side of the bridge of your nose.
2. Connect the brow head to the tail with a line drawn on a slight diagonal that curves towards the tail.
3. Continue shaping the brow, as desired.
4. Fill in any sparse areas.
5. Using a brow gel (Missha Browcara), brush color on in the opposite direction of hair growth.
6. Lightly apply a second coat of brow gel (Missha Browcara), this time, in the direction of hair growth to groom and set brows in place.
7. You "arched-brow" look is complete!

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