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NATURE REPUBLIC Cold Juicy Fresh Gel Masks (10 Types)


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A mask containing the natural technique with cold-pressed juice technique that minimizes breaking the ingredient. Green fruit complex with the fruit ingredient and juice extraction that delivers vital energy to the skin. Vegan proved moisture gell sheet that adheres well to the skin.

Grapefruit Refining:For the clear skin care.
Yuja Brightening:For the bright skin care.
Orange Energizing:For the vital skin care.
Pomegranate Firming:For the elastic skin care.
Mangosteen Softening:For the soft and smooth skin care.
Kiwi Vitalizing:For the healthy and vital skin care.
Blueberry Moisture:For the high density moisture skin care.
Carrot Calming:For the calm exhausted skin care.
Dragon Fruit Radiance:For the glowy skin care.
Coconut Nourishing:For the high density moisture nourish skin care.

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