RYO Scalp Massage Essence Hair Loss Expert Care 80ml


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RYO  Hair Loss Care Essence (For Hair Scalp/Root) 80ml - Anti Hair loss essence - Apply lightly to the areas affected by hair loss! -

Fundamental anti hair loss treatment improvement scalp conditions with fermented oriental medicine. -

A convenient anti-hair loss essence that can be applied to troubled areas without touching the hair with a scalp massage stick! 

Hair Essence containing 20 times ginseng extract than Hair Loss Care Shampoo (For Oily Scalp)

Hair Essence that soothes the scalp, cools the scalp, and enhances the root volume. 

Ginseng X Caffeine™ adds the power of plant-derived caffeine to ginseng

Hair Essence advanced with GinsenEX™, hair loss treatment technology derived from ginseng.

Powerful plant-derived caffeine relieves hair loss symptoms, and ginseng outpost extract cares for weakened hair roots.

Ginseng leaves, stems, and fruits contain 7 times more nutrients than roots. 

What is ginseng outpost extract? It is an extract that includes the root, stem, leaf, and fruit (green berry) of ginseng.

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