THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Face Mask Sheets (1pcs) 5 Types

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THE FACE SHOP - Real Nature Face Mask Sheet

 Available Mask Types:
#Mung Bean: The pore-tightening sheet mask with mung bean extract temporarily tightens pores to create a smoother complexion.

#Rice The brightening sheet mask with rice extract softens and brightens rough, darkened skin.

#Avocado: The moisturising and nourishing sheet mask with avocado extract hydrates and nourishes skin.

#Cucumber: Hydrating. Cucumber extract restores moisture to skin in need of

#Lingzhi: The mask sheet drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum with Lingzhi Extract firms and helps improve the resilience of sagging skin.

How to use:

1. Wash face and apply toner. Remove mask from packet and gently unfold.
2. Place mask on entire face, smoothing to fit curves
and adjusting around eyes, nose and mouth.
3. Remove after 10 to 15 minutes and pat in remaining content to absorb into skin.

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